Western Rugs & My Love of Western Style Decor

For me, western home decor matters all the time though I’m not obsessed with it or even focused on it.  In truth, aside from painting rooms in the house, I haven’t changed the western decor in my home in years.  Back then my decor largely revolved around original art.  I was majoring in art history and was inundated with art in all forms.  I fell in love with artists and genres and wanted to surround myself with art.  I wanted to take what I loved and make it mine.  I was always on the lookout for paintings I could afford.  Being at a university with an incredible art school I had access to young, upcoming student artists.  Their work was affordable and accessible.  This is when my interest in western decor started. I would spend countless hours browsing Southwest and western rugs online, trying to find the perfect addition to my western home decor.

Western Rugs Are A Genuine Piece of Art

I began purchasing a lot of art.  Whatever moved me and I could afford I purchased.  I was very selective about what I acquired over the years and it had to be something I was drawn to even if I couldn’t necessarily explain why.  The question of “why” has come up often over the years.  The art I collected became the centerpiece of my home.  I could see my eclectic taste developing and surrounded myself with a space that made me happy.  I enjoyed the feedback I received when I had guests and the conversation that was generated from the art.

western rug

My home is where I relax and spend time with friends and family.  Our homes are an extension of ourselves and tell a story with our southwestern decor being the details of that story.  They give insight as to who we are without us even having to say anything.  My decor is a reflection of me and the things that have meaning to me.  Whether it’s photos of my family, a painting or a modern mid-century dresser I refinished, they are all small parts of a collage that make up my life.

My western decor brings a sense of peace to me and when I look around at the things I have collected I am reminded of different times in my life.  The items that collectively make up our decor often have their own stories.  From the plant given to me thirteen years ago while pregnant with my daughter, now residing in a favorite pot, to a table I made from reclaimed parts in a salvage yard, these are narratives about my life and interests.  So yes, western decor is important to me.  I imagine I will again purchase new paintings and art and there will be more stories to be told through my surroundings.  I look forward to it.