Red Door Burger

Growing up in Sheldon, IA we had a family meat locker where Id take the key to collect the cuts of meat from the rancher that my mom would make for dinner.

I want everyone who eats a burger at Red Door to get the same quality meat I ate as a kid so I get a whole beef chuck delivered each week and butcher and grind it myself to make our patties. Youre getting the brisket and the flat iron along with other limited cuts like the flap steak.

Chicago is a meat town and you cant get away with serving any old burger. We add a made from scratch bacon onion jam which adds a sweet smoky flavor to compliment the meat.

We pile the burger onto a brioche bun with the bacon onion jam, pickles and cheese. At the end of the day Red Door is a neighborhood bar where people come to grab a burger and catch up with friends.

Free advice: Friends dont let friends order burgers well done. Order your burger medium rare to medium and youll be able to taste the flavor difference in the in-house made patties.