Eat This

Eat your Veggies and your Quinoa!

January 7, 2016

January is the everyones favorite time to embrace vegetables and alternate sources of protein.  The Mushroom Quinoa was added to our menu just after we opened the doors in 2012 and it hasnt left.

We serve the dish with a harissa emulsion. Harissa is a sauce sauce from the Maghreb in western North Africa. Its made with chili pepper paste, garlic, coriander and caraway. Our emulsion is significantly milder then the Harissa youll find at the grocery store or your favorite falafel spot.

Marcona almonds are native to Spain. Before we add them to the quinoa theyre lightly grid and salted they way theyre traditionally served.

While weve borrowed from traditional foreign flavors, we make the dish our own by using quinoa and adding crispy kale and prunes. The sweet prunes counterbalance the salt from the almonds. And, while almonds are crunchy to start with they soften with heat. The crispy kale adds a new texture to the dish.